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Over 40 years of design and testing experience has been brought to bear the development of the Carbon 40, Cabin 44 and the all new Panga 26 models.  Berky has designed and built a huge range of watercraft over the years, from professional competition sailboards and sailing multihulls to performance freestyle jet skis.  Such a diverse background has given Berky a disciplined, intuitive approach to fluid mechanics, hull design and composite construction. 



We've been working with carbon fiber from day one.  It was a simple decision to go straight for the best materials from the beginning.  Berky has pioneered design and construction techniques to capture the full benefit of high modulus carbon with amazing results.

The Americanized Panga 26' base hull has completed sea trials and we couldn't be more excited with the performance and ride quality.  Moving forward, we will offer a variety of configurations with plenty of custom options.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  This hull is a proven platform that can be set up for whatever you want to do.

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